Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red 1994

Three Colors: Red

IMDB ID: tt0111495


Three Colors: Red Three Colors: Red Three Colors: Red Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red 1994

Release date: 27.05.1994

Drama   /   Mystery   /   Romance   /  

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Three Colors: Red online subtitled

Valentine, a student model in Geneva, struggles with a possessive boyfriend and a troubled family. When she runs over a, she discovers that its owner, a retired judge, is illegally wiretapping and eavesdropping on his neighbors' phone calls. Although Valentine is outraged, she develops a strange bond with the judge – and as the two become closer, she finds herself caught in the middle of events that could change her life.

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TW 红色情深 | US Red short title | AR Rouge | GB Three Colours: Red | BR Três Cores 3 A Fraternidade é Vermelha collection | MX Tres colores, Rojo | SE Den röda filmen |

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